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Council Mission and Goals

Highline Community College is a campus community committed to providing quality student service and education within an environment that celebrates cultural diversity and individual differences. Our goal is to support interpersonal and group relationships that go beyond mere civility and extends to celebrating and respecting diversity. We believe that a diverse faculty and staff can enhance the educational and interpersonal experiences of our students as well as faculty and staff members. By recruiting and retaining employees that represent a variety of cultural and individual experiences, Highline benefits in a number of ways:

  • A diverse faculty and staff offer our students the role models and mentors that reflect the diversity of our student body.
  • A diverse faculty and staff provide a visible testimony to our commitment to each student regardless of their educational background or cultural experience.
  • A diverse faculty and staff enhance a robust exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences.
  • A diverse faculty and staff better prepares each member of the campus community cross-culturally and globally.
  • A diverse faculty and staff promote a sense that individual differences/experiences and perspectives are respected and valued.