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Council Structure


  • Council members are added as the Council identifies a need
  • The Council makes a recommendation to the President
  • Council members are appointed by the President


The Council will represent the following groups:

  • Classified Staff
  • Exempt Staff
  • Faculty
  • The four divisions (Administration, Institutional Advancement, Instruction, and Student Services)

 Total Council memberships will not exceed twenty

Member Terms

  • Council members are appointed for a three year term (July-June), renewable annually after the fifth year.
  • By the end of their second year of service, a Council member may resign from the Council, effective the following year. The President will appoint a replacement. The resigning Council member is responsible for mentoring the new member during their third year of service.
  • No more than 25% of the Council can resign in any given year.

Council Leadership

  • The President will appoint a Chair from the Executive Staff.
  • The Council will nominate and elect a Vice Chair to a two year term. 
  • The Vice Chair serves as the Chair in the Chair's absence.